5 reasons to get online course for Christmas!

Honestly, are you still the one who hasn’t found a gift for your loved ones for Christmas? Or don’t you really give yourself a present for Christmas? You scratch your neck and look around with a searching look? If so, it is nice that you came to read our blog where we give you 7 very waterproof reasons why you should gift an online course, preferably even IT course, to yourself or a loved one.



1. Everyone has access to the online course


You live in Tallinn, Tartu or in another country – it does not matter, because the internet is still there. It is also generally possible to choose the times for online courses. On Christmas Eve, after receiving the gift, it is not obligatory to immediately disassemble the computer and start participating, but let your loved one choose the time that he or she can use for self-development. If your loved one (or you) wants to take part in the training but goes to work during the day, this is not a problem with SmartCOD courses – the course lectures take place in the evenings and the courses start all year round. Participate in the fall, winter, spring or summer.



2. The best value investment


If you have already looked at SmartCOD’s own range of courses, it is true that these are not the cheapest. But for that, they have a great value. Would you like to be a friend, spouse, or parent who can say that they changed the life of a loved one by introducing them to a new career opportunity and giving them all the tools to start it? How would you feel if you knew you could change your loved one’s life with just a Christmas present? How to get a good deal without having to pay much for it. The trick is that it is often possible to get a discount, especially if you pay for the course at once and do not use the installment option.



3. The courses are very effective


Education is really a gift that is endless. You can expect great results, especially from those who do it purposefully. Many studies show that learning at your own pace with a supportive lecturer is one of the most effective ways to learn. Especially if the groups are small enough, the lecturer has time to commit to everyone. With online courses, you don’t have to go anywhere and can be comfortably at home or in the office. We believe that this opportunity creates a good balance between learning and work.



4. Your gift is green


The gift in the form of an online course is environmentally friendly! Since we issue e-gift cards and offer all courses online, you make the gift with sustainability in mind. Virtual gifts are more ethical, environmentally friendly and sustainable. Every year, too much wrapping paper, unwanted gifts and wrinkled Christmas cards reach our landfill. Reduce your contribution to mass consumption at Christmas and opt for course instead. They do not need to be packaged and are extremely practical and useful. When you book your experience gifts through SmartCOD, you also support local professionals.



5. The best gift for restrictions time


Midst restrictions people have more time and often get bored. They can not go out of home to entertain themselves. What good is a new dress to order from an online store if you can’t go out to a party? People want to experience and learn new things. In this way, you will also get to know new interesting people in a different way. By buying an online course, you can offer yourself or your loved ones exciting and rewarding activities at home.


Now that it is clear that courses are wonderful gifts for your loved ones for Christmas, birthdays and even name days, then what kind of course should you give? In fact, you don’t have to worry a lot about it, because any course is useful. Nevertheless, we certainly dare to recommend IT courses as a gift. When you think about where the world is moving and what skills would definitely be useful in this changing world, then of course digital skills. Nowadays, it is no longer enough to start a computer and enter the mailbox. Send your loved one to an IT course and as a result we will be able to add several new program skills to his or her CV, which he has not heard about yet!



We selected 3 trainings that beginners would definitely like:


WEB development + design is a highly valued skill today. This course is just long enough to give you an idea if you want to go even deeper into web learning. Even if you are not looking for a career change and just want to learn a new skill then design is perfect. Because certain tips, which are intended for web design, can also be used, for example, at your own home. Did you know that the shape of a circle looks calming for our eyes and so does the colour blue? Why do you think the wolt app is mostly blue and you can click on a round element when you are waiting for lunch?


Basics of programming – even the name says that this is a course that teaches basics of programming. The name of the course is also true, as this course is very intensive and allows the participant to taste different technologies so that the participant can see where they can go after the course if they really like programming. New knowledge in any area is never not useful.


Testing + ISTQB – does your loved one like to find and point out mistakes around them? If that is the case, they are born testers. This is exactly what software testers do – they look for bugs in unpublished or already existing software systems and bring them out to developers for fixing. This training also ends with the internationally recognized ISTQB exam, which already provides several advantages when applying for a new job.