Almost 61% of Estonians need basic digital skills to apply for new employment

60.6% of Estonians are required to have at least basic digital skills when starting an employment relationship, according to a survey conducted in cooperation with sociological research “SolidData”. This testifies to the fact that the development of digital skills is no longer just a narrow issue, but affects everyone at work and in everyday life.



The importance of digital skills is growing rapidly


According to a survey compiled by SolidData, 37.7% of Estonians believe that digital skills help them to be more productive. This view is shared by 38.3% of the economically active population in Lithuania and 44.1% in Latvia. In addition, residents of the Baltic States acknowledge that digital skills improve employee productivity, so employers value such employees more, as well as help these types of skills to rise in the career ladder.

At least half of the TOP10 skills identified by the World Economic Forum last year, which will be demanding in 2025, are closely linked to technology. These include the use of technology, monitoring, design and programming, analytical thinking and innovation, and the ability to solve complex tasks. In order to increase their professional qualifications, 25% of the economically active population of Estonia would like to improve their digital skills.

“We see that digital skills are necessary for everyone, regardless of age, position or status in society. Because they help us to be more efficient and productive in our daily lives, as well as offer opportunities to reach a wider horizon. Looking to the future, it is very important to develop our digital skills and learn to use the latest technologies for our benefit. I believe that everyone will benefit from this project – employers and employees, as well as society as a whole, because we all still have room for development, ”says Katrina Zarina, Member of the Board of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.



IT courses offers training that offers people a great opportunity to move up the career ladder and find exciting new job challenges. The company has created courses specifically for people with no or little knowledge of IT, which provide the necessary knowledge to start working as an IT specialist and start a new career in the IT sector.

The development of the courses has taken into account the needs of technical enthusiasts. The teaching is very practical and lectures are given by programmers and IT professionals working in the labor market on a daily basis, who can talk very well about the tasks that people really face when working in this field and give course participants good practical tips on how to do their job best. In addition to local IT professionals, lectures are given by recognized mentors from all over Europe.



Graduate success program


In addition to providing the necessary knowledge in the field of IT and teaching programming, SmartCOD also aims to facilitate career change. Thus, a separate career program has been created for those interested, the aim of which is to gradually contribute to alleviating the great shortage of IT specialists in our labor market.

A career program helps a person prepare for a job interview. During the program, you will be taught how to write a good and meaningful CV, today the increasingly important LinkedIn profile and the IT portfolio created during the course. SmartCOD involves more and more different companies as its partners, who could belong to a team with such IT knowledge. This helps to create contacts and opportunities for job interviews for the course participants.



Labor market demands are monitored


By compiling the courses, SmartCOD has also monitored today’s needs in the labor market. Thus, the selection of courses includes, for example, data analysis, different programming languages, IT project management and other necessary trainings in the IT sector, which can be found on the company’s website.

In addition, other bonuses await course participants. It is possible to repeat the same course free of charge for one year. In addition to the career program, IT and employment events are organized to get acquainted with various potential employers, as well as, of course, important acquaintances and like-minded people in the form of fellow students and a certificate certifying completion of courses and acquisition of necessary knowledge.


In SmartCOD, new courses start every month. Therefore, it is worth constantly monitoring the dates on the registration form to choose the right time for you.