Programming basics: SQL


Why choose our program?

These training courses are intended for those who want to receive a solid foundation in SQL that is currently in high-demand within Estonia’s labour market. These courses are a great choice for those who want to improve their qualifications, as well as for people already working in IT field.


Our learning environment is un-formal with many real-life examples. By providing friendly yet professional approach we maximise the potential of each participant.


To apply complete the registration form below by selecting a course, date and leaving your contact details. This is a quick process, after which we will contact with you and answer all your questions. Eligible for application are everyone without age or experience limitations.

What will you learn?

During the training course you will learn:

  • Working with data
  • Working with tables
  • Analytical functions
  • Basic’s of SQL

What will you be able to do achieve after the courses?

You will have a general understanding of databases, as well as skills to develop ER diagrams and different data tables.

What's next?

We apply a mentoring principle under which our graduates receive constant attention from our professional staff. Within the course payment there is included Graduate’s success program services that allow each graduate to have a private meetings with IT and career guide professionals. During this process graduate can establish CV, LinkedIn profile, as well as receive invites for job interviews from our partner companies.


Course openings are held monthly. Choose convenient date from the registration form below. Don’t miss out & reserve your spot at least two weeks ahead.

Training program:

0613 Software and Application Development and Analysis Curriculum Group

Intro in IT and OS, processes, environment variables

Intro in GIT (version control system)

Intro in programming, basic SQL

Mathematic’s and logic


Intro on working with data

Data entry, correction, deleting

Collecting data from SELECT

Grouping by GROUP BY

Working with tables

Joining tables with JOIN

JOIN types

Using CASE construction

Analytical functions, Entry PL/SQL

Advanced GIT (version control)

Final project development

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