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Answers to your questions

1. Application and preparation

You can call our office via mobile or WhatsApp +372 58031419, write to or simply choose registration form below each course.

At least a week before the actual course is starting, you will receive an overall instruction file where you will be able to see necessary installations, themes and links for pre-learning. 

Courses take place every month. But to keep up-to-date with exact dates, check our page in Courses section.

Each person has different previous experience and knowledge, therefore the answer to this question is up to each personality. We answer this question after our first meeting where we assess the best possible options for each of our participant.

All our Institute courses are designed for beginners needs. Therefore we concentrate on people who doesn’t have any knowledge in programming or have a very minimal experience in IT.

Courses are held in Estonian, English and Russian language. 

The best is to have your own machinery to work with, especially if you apply for the online courses. But if this is not possible we will issue Institute’s laptop for usage. 

Yes, but all the documentation will be agreed upon with your parents or legal guardians.

Yes, as we don’t divide participants within age groups. Our experience shows that age is not an issue within this area of employment.

2. Fees and funding options

All the course prices are indicated within page Courses section. Within page Payment Option section you can also view discount possibilities.

Yes, we can split the course payment into parts, up to 3 months.

3. General info and course schedule

No worries, all lectures are being recorded and you will be able to see them anytime. 

Our courses takes from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the chosen module. training Institute has been designed specifically for the needs of beginners and people who wish to switch their careers in less possible time.


Our teachers are local professionals as well as experienced mentors from all Europe.


Here you will not only receive the knowledge necessary for the current labour market but also meet new contacts, receive undivided attention from our administration, as well as gain practical insights from the professionals of this area.

Yes, each of our graduates receives full support within our GSP (Graduates Success Program) department. This includes CV and LinkedIn development, preparation for a job interview as well as job offers from our partner companies.

4. Partnership with

Yes, make sure you book a date and tell us about your presentation theme via

Yes, submit relevant information via

Yes, we design courses for each specific demand of an organisation. We cover themes that are common, as well as specific within Europe’s labour market.


Individually designed courses can include topics, languages in which courses are being held, online versions, on-site possibilities (within our Institutes premises or other locations), achievable goals and lot more. Set up a meeting and discuss all the possibilities via