Graduate feedback from Margus

In order to understand which programming language is best for you or whether you like to test software or run an IT project instead, you should start with basic knowledge. Of course, it’s worth looking at the job market as well, and if you feel that you really like learning Python, for example, then of course choose it. NB: However, all our courses are suitable for beginners.


Unfortunately, many do not know right away what they would like to do in the future, and for this we recommend starting a course in the basics of programming. This course will familiarize you with most of the possible professions in the IT world and will give you a fragment from all areas of IT that will teach you to build glass around that fragment. In addition, you will be shown a lot of new skills and you will have your own project at the end of the course.


In addition, after the course you will have knowledge in:

  • Widely used Java
  • Simple and easily customizable HTMLS
  • MySQL database management
  • You have an overview of back-end and front-end development
  • Functional .NET environment
  • CSS to customize web pages


And much more… So confirm your place for the course today and enter the IT world!



We also asked some questions from our alumni Margus, who has recently finished our programming basics course and we received very uplifting feedback:


“For my part, I say that the whole course was full of positive emotions and experiences for me. Considering that it was first course through web learning for me and I had completely zero knowledge about programming. I always got answers to all of my questions both orally, and Dmitri (the course instructor) always showed me answers in his web window with an explanation. I feel that I gained a lot of new information and knowledge compared to the baggage of knowledge that was before the course on programming. I also want to try to keep going as long as I have time besides work, because it seems to be interesting. I am especially interested in the graphic design, because I also make wooden souvenirs as a hobby, which requires a lot of design. However, not on a web-based basis, but with different programs in terms of design. ”



To what extent did the course meet your expectations?


“As mentioned above, my expectations were met and more, considering the volume of the course on such a wide topic, where each topic was beautifully and in order. I didn’t expect me to become a top programmer, because that would take years of study and constant development and learning. But on your own is even more time consuming and difficult to do. However, if you have a very competent and experienced instructor to teach, it will be easier to understand and go along.”



How would you like to move on from here with new knowledge? Do you want to change your career and want our further help with it, or do you pick up your knowledge yourself?


“I would not dare to go on a career change immediately, because I am not yet competent enough to be able to work on it alone. However, it is a small idea that if there was an opportunity to start work somewhere with a lesser load, even next to the current main job and to some extent done from home, it would be a great start. It’s good to be able to do it under the supervision of a competent instructor.”



Communication – were the questions always answered by both the school and the tutor? Was the support adequate and on time?


“The answers and support were always quick and very informative and explained, they corresponded to their level in every way.”



Would you recommend something to change in the course so that the students get a very good overview of the topic?


“I wouldn’t change anything. The fact that there weren’t many students at a time was rather good, especially when there are beginners like me who have constant questions and who are a little slower. This is also because everything goes through the web and in case of problems, the teacher must be able to understand what the problem is and how to solve it (especially when installing new things).

I am very satisfied with the course and I am very grateful to everyone involved by the school and the trainer, as well as to the companions of the course.”