What programming language to start learning with?

Have you thought about learning programming but can’t start with anything? “What language or course to start with?” Is one of the most common questions among beginners, and since there are so many languages ​​in the world of programming, we understand the concern. 


The whole world of technology is changing very fast. More and more languages ​​can be programmed and the choice becomes wider. Before we dive into answering the question, we should cover a few topics about programming languages. 


What are programming languages?


In order to choose the programming language to be studied, it would be necessary to understand what it is. In short, programming languages ​​are the tools we use to instruct computers. It is as if different concepts are needed in the computer world to create different commands.


Computers think in binary and programming languages ​​that help us translate 1’s and 0’s into something that is easier for people to understand. Programmers are ambassadors between people and the computer world. Programming languages ​​are the tools that programmers use to tell computers what needs to be done.


Is it possible to learn the wrong programming language?


Before learning the first programming language, it is also important to know that you will learn valuable skills regardless of the language you choose. There is really no wrong language choice.     


Programming languages ​​may seem different, but they have a lot in common. They have similar patterns and structures. Learning one language will introduce you to key concepts that will help you learn other programming languages ​​in the future, if you wish. Once you have learned your first programming language, it is easier to learn other languages, no matter which one you choose first.  


You should also know that it is not uncommon for a developer to move between different languages ​​throughout their career, as they are asked to solve a variety of tasks or problems. There is no point in focusing too much on whether you are learning the wrong language. Most principles overlap between languages ​​anyway, and if you feel you need another language, you’ll learn it much faster than starting from scratch. Rather, focus on acquiring the best basic knowledge, and then it’s easy to navigate in this world. 


What programming language should you learn?


Now that you have the background, it’s time to decide which programming language you should choose. In making this decision, you can go a few routes. The first is to choose the programming language according to its purpose and the second is to choose the programming language according to what is most in demand or popular in the field.  


When choosing, you should ask yourself these questions:

Why do you want to learn a programming language? Do you just want programming as a hobby? Want to know what code writing is? Are you trying to build something specific or get a new job? Answering these questions is a great way to get an idea of ​​which language is best to start with.   


If you are just learning for fun, choose the language you like! Some popular languages ​​for beginners are JavaScript or Python


Once you’re at the beginning of your code writing journey, you should learn basic markup languages ​​like HTML and CSS to just get your foot in the door. These two are essential for front-end web development and can be used to design attractive websites by simply adding some interactive elements. In SmartCOD, the course Basics of Programming is ideal for beginners, which includes CSS, HTML, JavaScript as well as simple .NET functions.       


Learning HTML and CSS is a great starting point for those who want to build websites from the scratch. If you are familiar with HTML / CSS, you can switch to languages ​​such as JavaScript, Node, or React to provide the functionality you need for your website. Remember, to become a web developer, you need to introduce your portfolio of past projects.  


Do you want to analyze the data? SQL is a great option if you are looking for help accessing data, and Python is good for visualizing data. JavaScript and Python are useful for automating tasks. 


If you want to change careers or get a new job, talk to people in the industry you are interested in. If you’re interested in mobile development, web design, data science, artificial intelligence, or any other industry, contact people in those communities and ask what a typical day looks like for them. What languages ​​do they use and where do they recommend to start? You can also turn to SmartCOD, because we have a number of trainers who work as developers in the European landscape and who would be happy to describe their working day.   


Popular programming languages ​​to choose from:


If you want to start a career in code writing, it is advisable to start with the most popular languages, which are always needed somewhere. The languages ​​below are in greatest demand in the technology industry, which means that these jobs are also being created to a large extent.


C #


C # is a Microsoft programming language. As one of the most popular languages, it has now been adopted for Windows, Linux, and iOS and Android platforms. It is a language often used by game developers and mobile app creators. 




The dynamic programming language Java Script is mainly used in web development to design interactive and user-friendly websites. It offers stylized web pages with advanced features and allows brands to increase the engagement of their users by displaying animated elements on their websites. In SmartCOD, you can find this versatile programming language in the “Basics of Programming” course. JavaScript is a key component of web browsers and is suitable for beginners interested in front-end web development or mobile game development.     




Python is another general purpose programming language. It has played an important role in data science, machine learning and web development. The Python Documentation Book covers how to visualize and create large amounts of data. People have also used it to program desktop applications. One notable example of Python is artificial intelligence.   




SQL is a data-driven programming language. The purpose is to store the information in separate datasets so that you can retrieve it to generate accurate reports based on your search query. SQL allows marketers to translate and analyze business data to understand how well certain products are performing in the marketplace. SQL is entered into database systems such as MySQL, Oracle and MS Access to manipulate structured data.    



Whatever language you end up choosing, we are happy to see you start your programming studies and want to help you along the way! You can take a closer look at the different coursesand what can be done with them. Bear in mind that all of our courses are suitable for beginners. 

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