Which is more profitable: train an existing employee or hire an already experienced IT specialist?

For last several years the IT specialist has been one of the most sought – after employees in the Estonian and global labor market. The demand for these specialists is high, which means that there is a constant shortage everywhere. To solve the situation, different educational institutions are involved, both academic and non-academic.


Crystella Sokk, the business development manager of SmartCod.ee, talked to us and told us what the company should consider when choosing a new specialist or considering the possibility of training existing employees.



How would you describe the current situation in the IT job market?


The constant growth of vacancies in the IT sector and in the wider economy shows that the shortage of specialists is a current problem. Both academic and non-formal education institutions need to be involved to address this issue. We are currently at a time when the shortage of IT professionals may have a positive effect on newcomers who are just beginning to learn technology.



How does a company find a good IT specialist?


Good and motivated IT professionals are not actively looking for a job themselves, they are usually approached during their studies, through a LinkedIn profile and so on. Human resources departments work very quickly to fill the required positions in companies.

If you have recently started a career in IT, you need to use the traditional way of sending a CV and waiting for a job interview. In this case, potential employers value technical knowledge, soft skills (communication, teamwork) and attitude.

There is also a third option where companies advertise their job opportunities themselves (open days, information days, career days). In this case, several new candidates gather to show themselves, get acquainted with the work environment and take a test to know their knowledge.



Is it more useful to train existing employees or hire new



The experience of SmartCod.ee shows that there is no clear answer to this question. The answer depends on the number of existing specialists in the company, it is not always possible to retrain existing specialists. Thus, new employees who already have the necessary skills are attracted to the company.

When engaging new employees, it is important to determine what skills the company needs and whether the organization’s senior professionals can afford to spend time training young professionals. Thus, it is time to assess in each company separately whether it is more advantageous to send a younger and more inexperienced employee to training or to spend valuable time in training a new employee for a senior specialist.

We offer trainings by SmartCod.ee in two ways. First, employees can join our existing courses, or we can provide special training tailored to the needs of a particular company, for employees of that organization only.

We have a team of 20 teachers, each of whom is a prominent professional in their field. Therefore, we can always recommend the best specialist for each company’s training.



Why invest in training your company’s existing professionals?


You always must invest in your employees, it shows the involvement of the employer, the interest in each person and promotes employee loyalty. When we talk about additional qualifications, it is always a wise investment. By training its employee, the employer ensures that the employee is valuable and knowledgeable in the specific field, shows that the employee is important to the company, and the company also considers the employee in the long run.



How do companies find qualified employees?


SmartCod.ee also helps companies attract new IT employees. Any of our partners may wish to fill a vacancy. As a school, we select promising students from among our graduates, who we then recommend for the job. Next, the employer invites the person to an interview and decides if the potential employee meets all the company’s requirements.


What to do if a company decides to train existing employees?


If the employer wants to organize individual training for its current employees or potential future employees, SmartCod.ee will carry out the whole process from A to Z: starting with pedagogically prepared course plans (considering the specific goals and needs of each company), interviews with potential course participants, price calculations, the choice of location for the course and the professional completion of the courses. Every organization has its own requirements and wishes, it is important to understand them and find the best possible solution to meet these requirements.

We organize trainings for large and medium companies. We are proud to be able to cooperate with such well-known companies in Estonia as Elisa, INZMO, SMIT, Coolbet, Veriff and many others.



If you are looking for good IT specialists, we can recommend your company to a new, already proven professional!